PrimeSouth Bank sponsors Tallassee sky camera

Friday, November 18, 2011

PrimeSouth Bank is pleased to announce that the bank has sponsored a sky camera located in downtown Tallassee. The camera is the latest addition to WSFA’s ALFA SkyVision Cams that are shown during weather forecasts on the Montgomery based news station. WSFA meteorologist Josh Johnson was on site today and broadcasting live at the ribbon cutting ceremony in Tallassee, which was coordinated by the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce.

When asked about obtaining the sky camera in Tallassee, Mayor George McCain said, “The process began with a dream and PrimeSouth Bank stepped up to the plate… they are a community hometown bank and they are always integrated in the community.”

“We are just excited to bring this to Tallassee and to the community. We love this town. It is an opportunity to see a great view of part of Tallassee,” said Noah Griggs, Chairman of the Board for PrimeSouth Bank during the ribbon cutting ceremony. “Our bank is proud to sponsor this sky cam. We think it is a great addition to the community.”

PrimeSouth Bank would like to thank WSFA, Mayor George McCain and the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce for making today’s event successful.

PrimeSouth Bank is a locally owned community bank and has locations in Tallassee and Wetumpka, Alabama. To learn more about the bank, visit or call (334) 283-6594.

Tower cam up in Tallassee

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

By Michael Butler, courtesy of

WSFA TV viewers will soon be looking at views from downtown Tallassee on the station's ALFA Sky Vision segments. The tower cam is located on top of the Tallassee police station on Barnett Boulevard.

The Tallassee Chamber of Commerce is planning a dedication for November 18 at 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to be featured on WSFA's midday newscasts.

"Tallassee, the Treasure on the Tallapoosa, has been the best-kept secret in central Alabama," Chamber president Dale Segrest said. "Tower Cam will help us let the world know we are here."

PrimeSouth Bank donated the funding needed to have the device installed.

“This is a great opportunity for the city of Tallassee," PrimeSouth president Dave Baggett said. "We are proud to call Tallassee home and are honored to sponsor the skycam. The skycam will capture images of the river, which is a beautiful asset for Tallassee and a great way to show off our town."

In addition to Tallassee, WSFA has tower cams in Montgomery, Alex City, Andalusia, Prattville, Selma, and Troy.

ICBA and CBAA: Switch to a Local Safe Haven - Your Community Bank

Friday, November 04, 2011

Montgomery, AL (November 2011) - As many of America's consumers consider switching to a new banking relationship closer to home, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and Community Bankers Association of Alabama (CBAA) are reminding them that their local community bank is a safe haven from impersonal bank practices that can leave many banking customers feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of. 

As local small businesses themselves, our nation's more than 7,000 community banks only thrive when their customers and communities do the same.  Community bank customers are rewarded with lifelong financial relationships by people who care about them and look out for the best interest of their community.  It's just the way they do business.

“By going local with your community bank, you can rest assured that your banking needs will be taken care of and that your money will be put to work where it belongs—in your community in the form of loans to local residents and small business owners. It’s a hometown investment you can be proud of,” said Sal Marranca, ICBA chairman and president and CEO of Cattaraugus County Bank, Little Valley, N.Y.

Consumers should treat themselves to what a community bank offers:
• Service. Community banks are relationship lenders that focus on the needs of local families, businesses and farmers. Because they know their customers and their customers know them, they are able to provide superior, personal customer service. When consumers call their local community bank, they’ll be reassured to know that they won’t be talking to someone halfway across the globe. Instead, they will be talking with their community banker who lives and works in the same community they do.
• Deposits. Community banks lend locally where their depositors live and work, keeping local communities vibrant and growing. By choosing a community bank, you’ll be putting money where it belongs - back into the community you call home. And since community banks pay federal, state, and local taxes, they are also a key supporter of their community’s local infrastructure, making it a better place for all residents to reside. Some tax-subsidized credit unions masquerade as community banks but do not pay any taxes to support their local communities.
• Expertise. Because community bankers live and work in the same communities as their local customers, they understand their local marketplace and the ups and downs of economic cycles in their community. This is especially helpful in allowing them to serve the needs of their small business customers who rely on them as strategic partners in their small business endeavors. Community banks rely on the health of the local marketplace so they stick with their customers through good times and in bad.
• Local Decision-Making. Instead of being headquartered hundreds of miles away, community bankers are accessible to their customers on site, where they can talk to a real human being -- not an out of state loan committee.
• Trust. Community banks are a relationship you can bank on for years to come. Because many community banks have been around for over a hundred years, and are often family-owned and operated, you’ll know that the financial needs of you and your family are being met by local residents running the financial institution that has your best interest in mind. They wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t.
• Civic Loyalty. Community bankers are typically deeply involved and committed to making their local communities a better place to live. In fact, many community banks across the country donate service hours and money to important local causes.
“At PrimeSouth Bank, we’re dedicated to offering our customers the best banking experience we possibly can,” Dave Baggett, CEO of PrimeSouth Bank said. “By going local and banking with us, you’ll realize the vast benefits that come from working with a community bank. You’ll also feel good about keeping your money in the community where it will be put to work and used to better the lives of your friends and neighbors and the small business owners that serve the communities in Elmore and Tallapoosa counties.”

Whether located in small towns, suburbia or big-city neighborhoods, community banks improve America’s communities. Despite challenging economic times, community banks continue to fund nearly 60 percent of all small businesses under $1 million. They also use local dollars to help families purchase homes, buy a car, finance college and build financial security. Of the more than 7,000 community banks across the country, nearly 5,000 are ICBA members. Representing more than 23,000 locations nationwide and employing more than 280,000 Americans, ICBA members hold more than $1 trillion in assets, $900 billion in deposits, and $700 billion in loans to consumers, small businesses and the agricultural community.

To find your local community bank, visit ICBA’s community bank locator at Simply type in your zip code and the app will show you all the community banks in your area. You can even download free ICBA locator apps for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

About ICBA
The Independent Community Bankers of America, the nation’s voice for community banks, represents nearly 5,000 community banks of all sizes and charter types throughout the United States and is dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of the community banking industry and the communities and customers we serve. For more information, visit

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