Fireman's Fallout Saturday

Thursday, September 08, 2011

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Volunteers Fire Association is having a fundraiser Saturday at its training facility in the industrial park. It's called the "Fireman's Fallout." Monies raised will go towards purchasing a turnout gear extractor.

Travis Jones is assistant fire chief. He has helped in organize the event. "We've been needing an extractor for our firefighting gear for years now," he said. "We have applied for grants but no luck."

The idea to have a concert came up at the annual street dance. "I heard a lot of people my age saying they wished there was something later in the year when it was cooler with music they enjoyed," Jones stated. "We needed a fundraiser that would produce good returns and saw there was an opportunity."

The turnout gear extractor will extend the life of the uniforms, which are about $1,800 per set. "It removes the carbons, carcinogens and other contaminants that remain in the gear after a fire," Jones noted.

The concert will cater to a variety of musical genres. Former Tallassee firefighter Johnathan Stuckey, who owns a nightclub on Vaughn Road in Montgomery, assisted with booking the artists. "He helped make some suggestions on what his local crowd likes," Jones added. "After reviewing some playlists, these bands were chosen."

The concert starts at 6:00 p.m featuring Markus Brunson, Kanye Twitty, Trotline and Legs n Liquor.

The state of the art training facility will be showcased for those who attend. "We are proud of our facility as it was the first of its kind in Alabama," Jones said. "We need to capitalize on the entire facility to help support funding for the fire department. We hope since firefighters are hosting the event that other firefighters will come out to support us and see what we have to offer as far as training as well."

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the show. Firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and military get in for $10 each.