Online Security

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Since July of 2001, the FDIC has made it mandatory for banks to provide customers with access to their privacy policy.

It is your right to know what banks or financial institutions do with your personal information. So, it is part of Federal regulations that banks and other financial institutions provide access to their privacy policies.

In addition, many companies track user activities on their websites in order to better understand both browsing and buying behaviors. They use this information to market information directly to either a specific target audience or even to a specific person. Since many of the software programs that websites use to carry out such activities can gain access to the personal information held on your laptop or home computer, it is very important to understand how to protect yourself from prying eyes. 

It is not always reputable companies that use these technologies, but also criminals who can steal not just your personal information, but your money and your reputation too!

For more information about online security, read the following article on the FDIC Website:
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